Fall transition - time to switch out the closet!

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Do you look forward to this time of year, or do you dread the fact that you have to change out all the clothes in your closet from Summer to Fall?  I'll be honest, it's quite a task!  Removing all lighter summer clothes, shoes, shorts, hats and transitioning to bulky sweaters, coats, boots, scarves, leggings, and beanies.  Who has that much room in their closet to keep both seasons?  Not this girl!

Here are some helpful tips for your seasonal closet conversion.

Have a clothing container on hand for the switchover.  I use a large garment zip up bin from the Container Store. I can fit close to 30-40 pieces in this bag. You can also use a piece of luggage that you won't be utilizing during the winter months. Have an additional bag on hand for any items you would like to donate.  

Whatever doesn't fit into the garment bag, I use a process of elimination which won't make the cut to next years transition.  Things I didn't wear all summer, or if I am hanging on to it for sentimental reasons.  LET IT GO! 

Keep clothes that you can layer into your fall/winter season.  Camis, summer button ups, dresses you can wear with tights, jean jacket or a cardigan, etc.  Transitional pieces can come in handy for Fall!

Label your garment or storage bin.  I have pulled my hair out trying to find that simple black cardigan buried deep in the sweater bag.  A simple label would have cut down on some time.  Make sure your clothes are clean before you send them off to storage.

When you put out your fall clothes, color coordinate as you place them in your closet. There is nothing like going into your closet, and you can go right to the color you were looking for instead of spending half your lifetime sifting through every garment trying to find that grey cardigan.

Take advantage of end of summer sales.  Purchase that summer top, store it, and open your bin to find a new top you forgot all about! It's like Christmas and saves you money and who doesn't love a new outfit to kick off the summer?

Fall is my second favorite season, and hopefully these tips can help you with your transition so you can get outside and enjoy this impeccable cool weather!  Stay tuned for what the winter brings!

Stay awesome and be kind to everyone,

Nikky - xo